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Embracing Extravagance: The Age of Maximalist Design

Maximalist design—luxurious materials and textures, bold silhouettes with patterns and colors galor…
Modern maximalist furniture in purple living room with gold accents
Bacharach Sofa, Harlequin Capsule Cocktail Table, Globo 5-Light Chandelier, Alphaville Pedestal and Dora Maar Table Lamp by Jonathan Adler

It’s official: more is more. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with austerity, the design trend toward minimalism has started to fade away in the wake of extravagant home design. For those who seek a little adventure in decorating and are ready to explore—rejoice.  

The interior design dream dreamt up by the Memphis Group—luxurious materials and textures, bold silhouettes with patterns and colors galore—has finally arrived in full force. Here is how to get the look. 

Vibrant Colors

Multi-colored bar against navy blue wall with gold mirror
Torino Bar and Lisbon Wall Sconce by Jonathan Adler

Using a richer and more diverse color palette can maximize the overall décor of a space and even take it a step further. While minimalism works with pops of bold colors here and there, maximalism embraces color and eliminates altogether the more sterile tones of minimalist spaces. Forget about conservative color tones. Bold and vibrant shades are here to shake things up. 

Pattern Play

Terracotta, pink and cream patterned throw pillows on white concrete sofa area with plants
Justina Blakeney JAMILA JAA-02 Area Rug, Justina Blakeney P0952 Accent Pillow and Justina Blakeney P0948 Accent Pillow by Justina Blakeney x Loloi for Loloi

From the carpet to the walls, pattern can play a role in nearly any space of a room. Consider adding interesting patterns to your walls with bold wallpaper, or a striking pattern on upholstered furniture. Don’t be afraid to combine a few different patterns to make your space even more dynamic. You might just find the effect dazzling and energetic.  

Natural Materials

White sofas over black and white striped area rug in white high-ceilinged living space
Talitha Armoire and Maxime Task Floor Lamp by Jonathan Adler

Experiment with mixing and matching luxurious natural materials like marble, blown glass, leather and brushed metals. Incorporating these elements into your décor is an attractive way to add more textural interest to a room. And remember, more is more, so you don’t have to worry about having too many natural materials cohabitating in the same space.  

Sculptural Lighting

Ultra-modern living room with yellow chairs, cream sofa and chandelier with white fireplace in background
Caracas 16-Arm Chandelier and Bacharach Sofa by Jonathan Adler

Sculptural lighting’s complex design plays well with the themes of maximalism. The quality of unique materials and design techniques lends to more adventurous and creative pieces. You can go big and bold with a statement-making oversized fixture or scatter a few interesting wall sconces around the room.  

Layer and Mix Styles

Two aqua sofas in white living room with modern art and clear coffee table in center
Jacques Grand Cocktail Table and X-Bench by Jonathan Adler

Layering and mixing different motifs is one of our favorite elements that embraces (and shows off) the best of maximalism—and what makes the design trend so engaging. Layering new, modern pieces with other existing objects in a room creates a captivating contrast while adding a character all your own. 

Maximalism is all about personal expression while also asking of interior spaces, what else is possible? Be brave: add layers, colors, patterns, textures, as much as a room can contain—and then some.  

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